Tours of England

Discover the history and charm of the stronghold of Britain. Whether your interests are castles and royalty, world heritage sites, iconic landmarks or an exciting city break - England will check all the boxes. With our destination experts and network of on the ground hospitality partners - Your trip will be one of unique experiences and carefully selected properties. To experience the best of England on your vacation including London you should allow enough time.

Popular England Tours

  • London
  • Warner Brothers Studios
  • Oxford & Cambridge
  • Shakespeare & Stratford-upon-Avon
  • Bath
  • Stonehenge
  • Cornwall
  • Lake District
  • Liverpool & The Beattles
  • The Moorlands
  • The Cotswolds

Harry Potter London Experience

Since its opening in 2012 the Harry Potter Experience at Warner Brother Studios in London has become a hot ticket for families and enthusiasts. Advance planning will help secure your ticket to this phenomenal attraction but if you are unsuccessful in finding tickets we have a network of industry partners for arranging your visit to this iconic attraction.

A visit to Warner Brothers Studios will require the best part of a day as its an hour from central London and you need to allow 3-4 hours to enjoy this unique experience. You can even enjoy some Butter Beer and shop for Chocolate Frogs or a magical wand from Olivander's. 

There is transportation by train with a short cab ride to the studios or you can take private transfers or travel with a group coach. Traffic in London can be heavy and don't be surprised if it takes closer to 90 minutes at certain times of the day.

For our guests doing extended tours of London we will fit this into your itinerary as an option en route or returning to London after your England adventure.

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