Why travel with us?

All of our clients receive a full planning guide to enable them to get the most out of their trip to the UK & Ireland. Below are a few things to consider when planning your trip;
  • Britain & Ireland are not connected to mainland Europe. Yes we could be perceived as a small island but coast to coast takes 3-4 hours and north coast to south coast would take 8 hours. We suggest staying in a few locations for at least two nights and be cautious of creating an endurance test when self planning your itinerary.

  • As a tour operator we give you the convenience of one transaction for all your reservations. Hotels, transportation options, attractions, unique experiences and activities are often sold to us for 20% less then you can purchase them so this is where we can add value to your trip in the convenience of one transaction.

  • In Britain & Ireland there are several regional airports with direct trans Atlantic flights or connecting flight options. Flying between London and Ireland or Scotland has numerous options you might overlook when combining both countries. You can fly between Scotland, England and Ireland with regional airport flights taking an hour or less.

  • When is the best time to travel? Peak season is mid April to mid October. Both Ireland and the UK offer year round tourist experiences but the main time for vacations would be March to November with some guests holidaying over the Christmas. Weather tends to be mild with temperatures May to September lingering between 60-75 degrees. There are certainly periods of warmer weather and temperatures soaring into the low 90s. As you are never too far from the coast there is breezy conditions which keep things feeling cooler.

  • Google is a search engine and not a provider of unique experience vacations. You can spend hours of valuable time or entrust a travel agent.